Family - Coaching Model

Frees Speech & Language Therapy, LLC primarily utilizes the Family-Coaching Model to service the birth to 5 years old population.
This approach aims to train caregivers to best support their child’s speech and language development on a daily basis, utilizing natural environments, since children learn best this way!

What’s the Family-Coaching Model?

The family-coaching model utilizes evidenced-based interventions and adult learning principles through coaching and feedback.

  • Family-Centered & Individualized: Supports child development, builds on strengths & family values, informs decision-making, builds new skills & confidence
  • Everyday Routines & Activities: Identified by families based on preferences, interests, and opportunities to practice daily
  • Functional & Participation-Based Results: Progress occurs within meaningful activities to the family and child
  • Embedded Evidenced-Based Instruction: Strategies demonstrated & taught to best match your child’s learning to promote speech & language development

How is it Structured?

Sessions generally include:

Stage-Setting: Review family updates, concerns, priorities, and practice

Observation & Intervention: Observe caregiver-child routines, teach & implement speech & language therapy strategies

Problem-Solving & Reflection: Identify problems and collaborate on ways to solve them, reflect on strategy practice

Plan: Develop a plan for daily/weekly practice, generalizing to other routines, and expanding future speech & language goals

Each week, you will receive a therapy report detailing each part of your session!

Where can I learn more about the family-coaching model?

Family Guided Routines Based Intervention:

The Hanen Approach:

Early Intervention Technical Assistance Portal:

Frees Speech FAQ!

Why does it work?

The family-coaching model emphasizes that children learn best within their natural environments, with the people they spend the most time with, throughout daily routines. It utilizes caregiver training so that speech & language practice and progress can be ongoing throughout each day! It is highly supported by research and evidence!

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