Social Skills Training

Frees Speech & Language Therapy, LLC utilizes evidenced-based, interactive video modeling to provide social skills training for elementary to high school aged students.

What is Social Skills Training?

Social skills training aims to teach the meaning of different social skills using real-life examples.

It focuses on areas such as self-regulation, behaviors, play skills, recognizing emotions, conversation skills, taking perspectives, nonverbal communication/body language, problem-solving, friendships, self-esteem, hygiene and more!

Why Does it Work?

Social skills training helps students learn how their actions and language affect others in various social scenarios. This allows for carryover to real-world experiences and contexts! It utilizes highly evidenced-based therapy techniques including video modeling, interactive lessons and role-play.

To ensure your child is getting the most out of these sessions, each week, you will receive a therapy report detailing each part of your session!

How is it Structured?

  • Video Modeling: Watching videos depicting a target skill and social scenarios in language tailored to the student’s level of understanding. Videos include comparing/contrasting examples, visuals, and animations to capture attention!
  • Interactive Lessons: Worksheets, board games, and visual supports relating directly to content taught in the videos and target skill area.
  • Role-Play: After learning about a target social skill, we can practice how to use it together in the real-world!
  • Carryover: Suggestions & resources for home/community practice

Where can I learn more about social skills training?

Frees Speech & Language, LLC

PO Box 289, Phoenixville PA 19460

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